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VILLAVICENCIO, META, COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA       Thursday October 5, 2000 -     Missionís 2nd Year -    Vol 1    No.1009
Colombian News
The A.B.A. October 18th Report
The cry to help goes forth from all quarters!!!  Now from Cucuta ...
Will you help us?What are you cooking up for the mission, NOW, Bro. Gage?
Bro. Torrado, a fine Man of God needs your help
Cucuta-. 1994 was the year I first met Bro. Hector Torrado.  I was then Missionary to Arauca, a small frontier town on the border between Colombia and Venezuela.  Bro. Hector was pastoring a fundamental Bible believing church.  Our long talks together about the Lordís Church, Her Origin and Doctrines developed a lasting friendship.  He is now working in Cucuta and wants to join the ABA.  I have invited him to come to Villavicencio.  He holds a Bachelor in Theology and a Master in Education.

Now, That's a mouth full.

This ain't no fish story!!
The mission is going great
The work is moving steadily onward.  The building has slowed down somewhat for lack of funds.  However, it is functional and we are meeting there even though it needs a lot of work.  Plus, we still need chairs ($9.00ea.).  So there are still a lot of opportunities to help.

Thanks for your offering

Mission Photo 
Mission Atendees and Members meet in a "Sort of" OLD FASHIONED BRUSH ARBOR.  It's practically open air preaching and worshipping the Lord.  But, the people love it.  GUESS WHAT!!!  So do I..