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VILLAVICENCIO, META, COLOMBIA, SOUTH AMERICA   (Updated July 26, 2001) -       Mission’s 3rd Year -    Vol 2    No.1028
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The fish that didn’t get away

Mind you, we’re not calling Bro. Herman a fish ... He is just a GREAT CATCH

   The implications point that Bro. Herman Wolf is a fish that finally got caught.  Not Really!  Jesus said that He would make us fishermen of Men.  The whole mission, friends and family, have been fishing for Bro. Wolf  “fer quite a spell.”
So when the Lord reeled in Bro. Herman, the mission got quite a catch.  We believe that the blessings of a productive fruitful life will be enjoyed years to come.

   Bro. Wolf has been attending the mission for over two years.  His faithfulness when compared with others would put most of us to shame.  It wasn’t that he was playing hard to catch.  He just wanted to be sure that the Landmark Missionary Baptist was really who and what they claimed, “The Lord’s Church.”  When you grow up in a catholic country, one as strong as Colombia, it is not always easy to just walk away from old traditions.  The Lord said, “Take up your cross and follow me.”  He requires if and when necessary to leave behind family, friends and any thing else that might hinder you from following Him.  He requires complete commitment.

   Fishing for a Soul for the Lord is serious business.  Peoples eternal condition are at stake. So you don’t play around with eternal destinies, especially when the Lord has charged and commissioned His church to Go, Baptize and Disciple.
An old saying, “No man is an island,” simply states that many efforts go into the   bringing a soul to the Lord.   When the Barcelona Mission began 3 years ago, one of the charter families that came into the work was the Rico Family.  Sis. Sonia Rico first brought her mother, Sis. Rosa Wolf (Herman’s Wife).  Bro. Wolf stayed at home but watched.  Later when the Rico Family moved to Canada, Sis. Rosa remained faithful here at the mission.  Little by Little kept nibbling on the bate, till the Lord finally reeled him in.