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Bro. Gage, missionary to Villavicencio, Colombia
May 17, 2001 | Site Updated 6:50 PM
Mission Update, April, 2001
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Thanks for the help!!
By The Missionary
It is impossible for you to help every missionary.  I can't speak for other missionaries, but, this I can say about our work here in Villavicencio, Colombia (THANKS).  A few months ago, we it was extreemly difficult to carry out missionary functions, principally due to our lack of funds.  Thanks to your help, we are now doing well.  Several churches, especially Sunneyvale and Beaumont California have begun to help both financially and spiritually here in Colombia.  These additional offerings have literally given us a whole new perspective in missions.  We now have the flexability to do much more in the Lord's Work.  Again, Thanks to you all. 

Joyfully Serving the Lord

Villavicencio-. Faithful in His service is Sis. Josefina.  Since her conversition, she has never failed to continue to serve the Lord.  What ever needs to be done, Josefina is ready, willing and able to help and to see that the job gets done. 

Mission Kids Report

By Paola Yepes

The children at the mission are a special blessing.  We are making up some cards with the childrens picture to publish in the future.   We bought several supplies for the Sunday School.  The need for class rooms are great.  We are meeting in a garage now.  As you can see we are rather cramped but in a happy way.  Now that the mission has her property, we can hardly wait for us to have our own place to worship the Lord.  The children are taking up special offerings to help out.  Every little bit, is blessed and multiplied by the Lord. 
Giving thanks for the Property
(Mission  Photo)
The mission rejoices in the Lord for the property.  We are now making plans to enclose the property with a fence.  Then, with the help of an archetect, we are wanting to start building at least one class room.  This we hope to begin later this month.  So, we are moving ahead!!! 
The Indian Family has moved
We are still trying to make contact with these christian Indians from  the Amazons.
Pray that this Opportunity will continue
The Indians are excited about the possibilities of the Lord's Work with them.
Do you want to see the Gospel Preached to the Indians in the Amazons?  There's still an OPPORTUNITY TO HELP.
One of the World's last frontiers is right in our back yard.  We have no work in the Amazon River Basin, which includes, Brazil